Monday, April 1, 2013

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Friday, October 12, 2012


Bands we have worked with as SOT:

Milk Music, Hoax, Midnight, Antediluvian, Begrime Exemious, No Problem, Massgrave, Inepsy, E.coli, Migraine, Born Bad, Self Interest, Skeleton, Archagathus, Violent Gorge, Burning Love, Willing Feet, Systematik, Unlearn, Sojourner, Out Of Sight, Rational Animals, Rhythm Of Cruelty, White Walls, Geister, Unfun, Rapid Loss, Haggatha, Autistic Youth, Kicking Spit, The Shrapnelles, Flaccid, Skin Colour, Teledrome, Ominosity, Savage Streets, Fornication, Low Life, Skabbies, Point Break, The Throwaways, Epi-demic + more to be added

Bands that cancelled or never made the show (Not trying to make anyone look bad. Most of these bands had legitimate excuses.) :

Criminal Code, White Wards, Nudes, Power, Sojourner (the 2nd time), Anhedonist, Knelt Rote, Impiety, Big Eyes, Lewd Acts, Cross Rage, Owen Hart, The Helm, Rotozaza,  + more to be added

We are trying to remember all of the shows we have done or tried to have done in the past. Just for our own purposes. Any help would be cool.

Year end update

Show wise, we are done until 2013. We still have a buncha records in our distro we strongly suggest you should buy.


Hoax - third 7" $6 PKR
No Problem - new 7" $4
Out Of Sight - s/t 7" $4
School Jerks - Control 7" $4
Self Interest - Blooming $4 Pass Judgement
White Wads - Waste My Time 7" $4 Iron Lung


School Jerks - s/t lp $12 Grave Mistake


Limited Readership vol. 3 $4
Glam, Rational Animals, The Lowest Form and Gun Outfit

Since our blog is hard to read and full of bullshit. In 2012 we did shows for bands such as Bible Thumper, Systematik, Self-Interest, Hoax, No Problem, Begrime Exemious, Milk Music, Burning Love, Rational Animals, Nu Sensae, White Walls, Rhythm Of Cruelty, Out Of Sight and probably a band or two I am forgetting.

In other news:

SOT/ GOTW supported bands Flaccid and Glitter just got back from a very short tour to Vancouver and Edmonton. It was great. Both bands have new demos out right now which will be for sale once more are dubbed. A small amount was made prior to the shows and sold during. I might also post download links here. Expect a longer tour in the spring.

 New SOT/ GOTW supported bands Putos and YYC Mayhem did their debut shows last night at a house show with Out Of Sight. Start more bands.

SOT are not planning on doing any more shows till March 2013. We will be doing a large all ages matinee show with all local bands to raise money for a big show we are planning for June 2013. Talk to one of us or email us if you are interested in playing.


Fuck Beatroute, Fuck Sled Island and Fuck Noctis. We don't agree with how of the majority of the music scene in Calgary and Western Canada is run so we do things our own way.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'm not sorry for the things I've done

So I personally blew it last night and would like to apoligize to everyone that I promised a certain band was playing a certain party last night. They never showed up. Between that and Criminal Code breaking down in Montana and not making the show. I realize I look crazy. Which I am. Also I realize this not a blog for feelings. So thats the last time that will happen as well.

(1/2 of SOT)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Show list

August 18

Criminal Code
White Walls
Rythm Of Cruelty

$10 at Tubby Dog
103 1022 17 Ave SW
Show at 8

September 18

Sojourner (Tacoma SES)
Power (Bremerton WA)

Low Life
The Chain

At The New Black Centre
$10 dollar show
919 9 Avenue Southeast

Doors at 8:00
show at 8:30

Also go see Power Trip from TX at The Skate Shack here on the 16. They put out a 7" on Lockin' Out records which is Ill. They play sick hardcore crossover.

garbagecore never dies

So we lied and have two more shows to announce for October. One with Olympias hardest White Wards and Nudes from Seattle. Another with Out Of Sight from Vancouver. We are really excited about both shows and couldn't turn away the offers. More details when we have them.

We are serious about taking a hiatus for at least 3 months. I am going to China to chase rats and Elijah is going to find himself in Burma. That is all you need to know for now.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The blinding light of the truth

Here are a few more shows to announce for the summer

Spirit of Truth / Garbage of the World Presents:

Sunday, July 8th

MILK MUSIC - Olympia, Washington - We've been working on booking them for a long time, and we're really excited it's finally happening. Stoned as fuck rock music that you have to l...isten to for yourself. Loud and blown out. Alright, smoke weed. for fans of JIMI HENDRIX, THIN LIZZY, DINOSAUR JR, SMOKING, LONG HAIR and SST records.

Teledrome - By now you know them, if you don't.. whatever . Dark synth-laden pop.


Ryan broke his collarbone but they're still playing. Scab band.


First show. Members of Rape Revenge, Sharar, Rough Love, Secret Goth Band, and Blowjob.

8 PM, $8. Don't be a bum, bring money or don't bother. This band deserves it.

1724 25th Ave SW

August 6th

Rational Animals (Rochester NY)

Nu Sensae (Vancouver BC)

Skin Color

+ 1 more  band

At Devons house

1522 16th Ave SW
$8 dollar show
come at 8:00

August 18
Criminal Code (Olympia/ Tacoma Washington. "Husker Du playing post punk songs". Cold Thought LP out now.)

Ryhthm Of Cruelty (Edmonton Post punk power couple. EX Geister.)

Secret Goth Band (Sharpnelles + Jay Wong. Do the dark wave.)

Glitter (New local band you haven't heard yet. People you know. White denim wearing noisy HC rape rockers. Short set.)

+ 1 more punk band

at Tubby Dog

bring $8 dollars for two out of town bands. Buy food as well. Respect this long running (at least as far as Calgary goes venue. Considering a bunch of your friends probably work there and they have good food.

1022 17 Ave SW
Show at 8:30

it will cost money and there will be a start time

Thats all for now. Enjoy what little time you have left.